Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Great local house for sale .. ah, but there's a catch!

The listing reads as follows:
The home is located at 6967 Deer Trail Avenue, NE, Canton, Stark County. It is a detached two-story residence with four bedrooms, three bathrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry room, two fireplaces and a three-car garage. There is a finished family room with a .75 bath in the basement. The home has 2,558 +/- square feet of gross living area and is situated on 27,375 +/- square feet.

The home is up for bid online through Thursday .... with a minimum starting bid of $237,000. The deal is guaranteed by the government, so if you're after your dream home for you and the love of your life to settle down and raise the twins, this sounds like a sweet deal, right?

Oh baby .. you better read the fine print on this one!

The government agency that's pimping this home on cyberspace is none other than the FBI. Yes, THAT FBI.

Here's the info as it was released by the FBI regarding 6967 Deer Trail Avenue two years ago:
On March 9, 2006, as a result of information generated from court authorized wiretaps, a 1987 Mazda automobile, which was believed to be the car transporting drugs to Canton, Ohio, and money on the return trip, was stopped at the direction of the investigating agents by the Ohio State Highway Patrol. A search of the vehicle revealed a hidden compartment containing approximately $950,000 in U.S. currency. An additional $150,000 was seized in subsequent searches for a total of $1.1 million. Also, fifteen handguns, assault rifles, and shotguns were seized as well as fifty-two kilograms of cocaine from the residence from which the 1987 Mazda left just prior to being pulled over. According to Mr. White, the seizure of drugs and money represents one of the largest and most successful drug investigations to occur in the Northern District of Ohio.

If you like the lure of a major drug kingpin's pad that sits smack in the middle of unsuspecting neighbors, this might your place.

Just think of the opportunities! You could:
  • set your toothbrushes on the same counters as 10 other people snorted cocaine
  • eat your Wheaties where hundreds of thousands of dollars illegally changed hands
  • sleep in a bedroom where someone might have had a gun put to their head
  • buy a robe like Al Pacino and walk around all day pretending to be Scarface
By the way, the drug bust that took place involving this house was nicknamed "Operation Gumshoe" but there's no evidence your feet will stick to the floor when your in-laws stop by for dinner.

According to the group running this auction for Uncle Sam, "Bid4Assets has been conducting auctions for the U.S. Marshals since December 1999 to include residential and commercial real estate, luxury automobiles, collector cars, aircraft, boats, jewelry, timeshares, sports memorabilia and financial instruments. The property offered for sale is either seized by and/or forfeited to the United States under federal forfeiture laws."

Sounds like if you want the bling to go with the outfit, it's there for the bidding too.

Kind of puts a whole new spin on the foreclosure market, eh?


tmk said...

Well, they gotta do something with it! It can't (ideally) just sit around empty. Permanently empty houses bring property values down for the rest of the neighborhood. What else should they do?


Anonymous said...

Coke on the counter? You can get rid of that. If you go to a hotel you can't get off what's on the bedspread.