Thursday, February 14, 2008

Cutts, Davis family members wait ... and endure

11:22 a.m. Family members for both Jessie Marie Davis and Bobby Cutts remain here at the Stark County Courthouse ... and they look tired to say the least. The media and the public are keeping their distance, which is certainly a good thing.

Jessie's family is in the prosecutor's office, just around the corner from the second floor media room. Meanwhile, Bobby's family is on the first floor near the cafeteria. You can't help but feel compassion for both families after what they've endured the last two weeks.

The TV crews are preparing their noon reports .. Chris Tye will do ours for TV3. The competiting liveshots should look identical with each reporter sharing the only nugget we've been given this morning -- copies of the questions the jurors asked over the last two days. (Here's what it looked like: Channel 8 in foreground; TV3's Chris Tye in background.)

Today might be Valentine's Day but there's no sign of anything red or colorful here in the Courthouse. In fact, it was eight months ago today that Jessie was killed.

Media speculation as to the verdicts and beyond continues ... mostly as a way to fight the boredom.

To be honest, the scene here reminds me somewhat of parts of my tour with the military in Iraq. Long periods of boredom preceeding a what will eventually be a tense, emotional situation .. but there's no way to know when that moment will arrive. You just have to be ready.

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