Monday, February 4, 2008

Bobby Cutts trial blogged in real time

My colleague, Chris Tye, is blogging from the Stark County Courthouse as the trial progresses. Tye's our lead reporter on this case ... covering the day-to-day developments for the noon and evening news broadcasts as well as for He'll also join us live for our trial special tonight on Channel 3 News at 7.

As Chris is reporting, the trial has opened with a few new revelations .. namely that prosecution experts say Jessie Marie Davis was strangled, although medically a cause of death has not been determined. Behind the scenes, several sources told me early on that Jessie has probably been killed in this manner because it fit with the typical domestic murder when its a volatile relationship and there's no sign of a gun. The defense sounds like its not denying that Cutts was involved with disposing of the body but says the prosecution can't prove he killed her.

With nearly 100 possible witnesses, the trial could last a month.

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