Friday, February 22, 2008

Arshinkoff strikes back ... or at least hopes to

I'm not sure what Alex Arshinkoff has done with his time over the past 48 hours, but I finally have at least some insight as to what he's thinking and feeling.

He's mad. He's frustrated. He feels that he's been done wrong.

I haven't talked to Arshinkoff (he never returns my calls), but he did fax over a copy of the four-page letter he sent to Secretary of State of Jennifer Brunner, who fired a political cruise missle from Columbus Wednesday that knocked AA from a role he's held for 30 years. I didn't see it coming. I don't know that anyone in the local media did.

Arhinskoff's letter asks Brunner for a meeting so that he can plead his case. He also takes issue with several key points .. writing:

  • "No complaint has ever been filed against me with the Ohio Ethics Commission, the Summit County Board of Elections or your office in my near thirty years of service."
  • "Given your status as a former judge, I am dismayed that you would accept as 'facts' spurious accusations made against me by my local political rivals without even allowing me the courtesy of responding to the claims."
  • "While you have have challenged my temperament as a board member, Mr. Jones' outrageous conduct has gone unchecked, unchallenged, and uncontrolled ..."
Arshinkoff also claims that Democrat Board Chair Wayne Jones told him "I'm gonna have Brunner take you off the Board -- You're going down" during the same meeting that Jones called Arshinkoff an "a****le"

The letter cuts to the chase and certainly conveys a confrontational tone.

I'm not sure if AA will get to have his "day in court" with Brunner, but he does raise a broader question of why he was expelled from school before he was ever given a detention. Shouldn't Brunner have sent him a letter of reprimand or called him on the phone to clean up his act before giving him the BOE death penalty?

Or ... after 30 years of AA's persona .. would second chances or threats be a waste of time?

I don't find myself weeping for AA's loss, but I do find myself questioning the process of how this came about ... wondering if it's really a sucker punch or just political karma.


Swanny said...

Jennifer Brunner is not removing Arshinkoff. She is not re-appointing him. There is a subtle difference, but that difference is very important, because the Ohio Revised Code gives the Secretary of State the sole authority to oppoint. The relevant section says,

"There shall be in each county of the state a board of elections consisting of four qualified electors of the county, who shall be appointed by the secretary of state, as the secretary’s representatives, to serve for the term of four years."

So, Alex can challenge this as much as he wants, but the law is clearly not on his side.

Anonymous said...

This is the most well deserved punishment that alexis deserves and this is the best way to do it, totally blindsided. He has treatend board employees and treated them as his own serfs or slaves and that is so shamefull. They are the publics employees not his. There have been at least 2 employees that have tried to meet with him personally and he refused to and blew them off to Bryan Williams which got them no where which gave them and others no choice but to file complaints against him. This man has bullied and intimidated people so often that some believe they will get nowhere so why bother but there have been judges that have filed complaints against him as well and I do not believe these accusations to be spurious.
He claims that Wayne Joneses conduct on the board to be outrageous, unchecked and out of control? What in the world do you consider that little ballyhew he threw the other week? Efforvesent humor? I call it the tantrum of a little child that has yet to grow up. After 16 years of one party rule that this brat has had his way for so long and has become an embarassment to our party, the party of Lincoln I believe that this is the time that "Justice is served best when it is first served cold".