Sunday, January 13, 2008

That pizza looks good to me!

A couple of notes on an early Sunday morning.

With the Quaker Hotel officially going "Animal House" this week, wonder where the city stands in getting a new hotel for downtown Akron? One city hall source tells me that there's nothing new on the horizon. To the city's credit, city leaders only found out a few months ago that the U of A was purchasing the historic hotel, and they did manage to convince Zippy to keep half of the hotel open to the public for now. Still, if for no other reason, we'll need a new hotel in the next year to support the new football stadium.

Multiple sources contacted me on a Saturday night about the "real" story behind a local tragedy. I'm hoping its not true, but if it is, the ripple effect will be big .. and the national media could very well pick this one up and run with it.

My son's scout troop enjoyed a lock-in overnight party at the Jewish Community Center, but when I went to pick him up, I saw that there were a dozen pizzas still in the boxes. For the life of me, I wondered how that much pizza had survived the stomachs of a score of teen boys with never-ending appetites. (Wait for it .. it'll come to you.) So as I ventured toward my son, he told me he was hungry. I asked him why he hadn't eaten some of the pizza, which is still good cold, right? (Figure it out yet?) He told me that he wasn't touching any of it and most of the guys weren't either. Stunned, I asked him "why?" He said, "because our leaders didn't order any meat on the pizzas because we're in the Jewish Community Center." Moral of the story: some teens would rather go hungry -- even forsaking hot pizza -- rather than eat vegetables.


Anonymous said...

Any hints yet about the "real" story behind the local tragedy? You left us wanting a little more details!

Love reading your blog - keep up the good work!

Eric Mansfield said...

Hi .. Police and some other leaders say they're not hearing the same story .. but enough people in the community are that tells me that there IS something to it ..

Sorry to be crypic .. but I'd hate to be wrong and hurt an Akron family by speaking out of turn ..

Trust me .. if/when this one breaks, you'll know exactly the story about which I'm hinting ... and it's so awful, it hurts just to investigate ...