Thursday, January 24, 2008

Odds and Ends on a Thursday

I spent the afternoon finishing a number of future stories .. mainly two pieces for our upcoming Bobby Cutts trial special. The nation will again focus on our area as the case begins Feb. 4th. It's tough to write new stories when there's a gag order on the case that prevents the attorneys and witnesses from talking with the media. Still, the news we've developed for this special is still quite compelling. Stay tuned.

I've got a barrage of emails that I'm trying to fight through, including a woman who tells me about serious problems at a Northeast Ohio nursing home. Those stories are always so upsetting because often the victims are at a stage of life where they can't stand up for themselves.

Got some great personal news at TV3 today .. but it's not my news to share .. so you'll have to wait until it's decided that it's OK to put it on the air.

I'm excited to get Steve Hoffman back on the NewsNight Akron panel tomorrow (Friday). It'll be Steve's first appearance of 2008 .. and the since "Elephant-gate" grew larger-than-life in the battle to control the Summit County GOP.

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