Wednesday, December 5, 2007

TV Talk

Not often I like to write about the competition ... but a few notes to pass along.

First, the Plain Dealer's story on a lawsuit involving Channel 19 is worth reading.

Second, a former colleague sent the following email to a mutual friend of ours late last night. His humor is well-received:

"Tonight's FOX 8 news at 10 was a great testimonial to why news SHOULD NOT be an hour long. From about 10:43-10:48, the following stories ran: an unbelievable story about an English man, presumed to be dead from a canoe trip five years ago all of a sudden showed up at a police station, then there was the story of a man who has a 12 pound facial tumor that is finally getting removed and to cap it off, the guy whose wedding band saved him from a gunshot. I felt like I dialed into a lost episode of Ripley's Believe It or Not and Jack Palance was about to introduce the next clip."

Ha! In the spirit of full disclosure, we ran the wedding ring story on WKYC last night .. but the others we passed on. Still, when you see how story selection in TV news really lays out sometimes, it's humorous to say the least ...

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Clevelandhomeless said...

I would agree to the keeping news to one half hour if those half hour news programs would remove Sports and Weather from the broadcast. Sports is entertainment not news. Weather is just a guy in a suit trying to predict the future. Stick to good local news for the 20 minutes and put the other stuff on another show. Tom Beres could give us enough information to fill 20 minutes. Be bold and be different. If you run out of real local news talk about Akron for a few minutes.