Monday, December 10, 2007

Tiger talk isn't amounting to much

We've been following rumors today that Massillon Football Coach Tom Stacy may submit his resignation at tonight's school board meeting. That's all they are. Rumors. Doesn't seem to be much weight behind the creative stories in Tiger town.

Seems quite a few media outlets got flooded with the idea today.

His team went a disappointing 6-4 this year, but still beat rival Canton McKinley.

My sources tell me that they really don't know how the story has caught fire, other than to further speculate that a continuing police investigation involving three young girls (under 13) allegedly having sex with boys and adults in Massillon involves some of Stacy's players being questioned.

Still, that logic as reason for Stacy to step down seems to be a stretch at best .. and Stacy's professional demeanor and dedication to his players would seem to be strengthened by adversity instead of diminished. Again, rumors like these have a way of going nowhere.

Reporter Todd Porter sat down with Stacy last month for a good story in the Canton Repository in which Stacy talks about the long season and the toll its taken. That might be the origins of some of the "resignation" talk .. but it doesn't sound like Stacy is leaving .. at least not tonight.

If he surprises everyone and turns rumor to reality, we'll have it tonight on the Akron-Canton News .. if not, we won't be mentioning it because there's no story there.

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