Friday, December 21, 2007

Moneypenny sets rumors straight

I had a pleasant and open conversation with Garry Moneypenny today about the rumors of his future, including speculation about him being Akron's new police chief, which I shared in a post below.

"I have NO intention of being Akron's police chief," Moneypenny said. "None. That department has a lot of good young lieutenants and captains to provide up-and-coming leadership and they don't need me."

Moneypenny told me he's been hearing the rumors for several months now, and while he's flattered, he has no idea whose behind them.

Moneypenny says that what most people don't understand is that the city charter lays strict guidelines for choosing a chief outside of the department. A search committee would have to be formed and there would have to be some type of civil service test, Moneypenny said. Then, there would have to be a list of the top three candidates for final consideration. Translation: Mayor Plusquellic can't just reach out and say "I want Garry for Chief" and that's the end of it.

Beyond that, Moneypenny says he's happy with the committment he's made as Chief Deputy with the Sheriff's Office .. which brings Moneypenny to a second set of rumors: that he's being groomed to take over for Drew Alexander should he step down as Summit County Sheriff.
Moneypenny is a Democrat and Alexander is a Republican. That should say a lot right there about how much these men respect one another, and how much they value the deputies and their service over politics.

Still, Moneypenny says that if Drew opted to quit tomorrow to play golf everyday, that Moneypenny would not become Sheriff. Drew's replacement would have to be chosen by the Republican Party. And let's face it folks, as much as everyone in town likes Moneypenny, the GOP ain't choosing him or any other DEM for a political position.

Moneypenny says he's even had to fight off rumors that he was being appointed to Mayor Plusquellic's cabinet .. and earlier this year to the new police auditor position.

If this were a game of chess, think of Moneypenny as your Queen because every player in town has a new square they want to move Garry in to .. and they all think he is the one "power" piece they need for checkmate.

As a career military officer, I can empathize with the rumors when it comes to positioning effective leaders and the fight that goes on behind-the-scenes for bosses to get their hands on the best candidates.

Yet as Moneypenny leaves his city council service in the rear view mirror to concentrate full-time on law enforcement, he knows the rumors all come with good intentions .. for a good guy.


Anonymous said...

Yeah........a real "queen".

Anonymous said...

"That department has a lot of good young lieutenants and captains to provide up-and-coming leadership and they don't need me."

So when Chief Givens retired, the Sheriff's Office did not have any 'good' lieutenants and captains (or majors)to replace him? I guess they needed someone with political experience. Get real!

Anonymous said...

'Reality Check' states:

As far as Akron's police department goes...Akron hasn't had a REAL chief
of police since Chief Larry Givens retired!!! A fact in and of itself.

No doubt Akron Mayor Plusquellic's going to pull a rabbit out of his hat soon and make 'em police chief.
Don't be surprised whom it may be.
It's certainly not going to be any
of Akron's captains or lieutenants
being promoted to chief. The good
ol' boy system is alive-n-well in
Akron. The dog-n-pony show is real
and the circus master's are not about to pull out stakes and leave town. Especially when Akronites are just ripe for-the-picking.