Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Bad timing Marco ..

Setting aside the merits or deficiencies of Marco Sommerville's comments asking that Chief Matulavich step down, I just don't understand the timing of his verbal assault.

Heading into Monday night's meeting, the headlines seemed like they were already written: "Sommerville gets overwhelming support, re-elected 12-0 as council president." Instead, readers and viewers woke up to Marco's comments about Matulavich, and that's what's become the talk of the town.

With all of the turmoil that Sommerville has been through during the past few months, I just didn't understand why he didn't let a night of positive news about him just run its course. Was there some sort of end-of-the-year deadline approaching or statute that would soon expire in regards to seeking a resignation? Couldn't he have made the same statements at council's first meeting of the new year?

Matulavich certainly took the high road talking to Ray Horner on WAKR-AM this morning, going so far as to say he still thinks of Sommerville as a friend. Behind closed doors though, I think the gloves could come off really fast.

Worth Repeating. As I reported in my blog entry on Aug. 12th, Bobby Cutts took investigators to the scene where Jessie Marie Davis' remains were found. Today, prosecutors finally owned up to that fact during a pre-trial hearing.

I just always find it amusing when prosecutors and defense attorneys alike make blanket statements about news reports being "speculative" or "misleading to the public" in regards to evidence .. and then later when the facts come out, those reports end up being accurate.

Now .. I'll be the first to admit that the media's "rush-to-be-first" approach sometimes leads to bad reporting and bad facts sometimes. That said, it would just be nice to hear those in the legal limelight also be fair in recognizing when reporters have done a solid job as well. OK. I'm done venting.


No Marco fan... said...

Marco Sommerville has shown his true colors - he is an arrogant jerk. He has never respected the police, and he really does the city a disservice with his poor leadership. Why don't the other city council members reign him in? It's a reflection on them as well - they elected him as their leader. He's losing them all votes.

schneb said...

Marco has a great role model in this city when it comes to spouting his mouth....mayor don....who would reign him in?