Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Odds and Ends and Just the "Fax"!

A nice young man just knocked on the newsroom door and told me he was here to fax something. I asked him if he meant that he had a fax of info for me for a story or something .. and he responded with, "No .. I'm here to fax a document." When I told him that we didn't do that, he responded by telling me that he was at the Main Library downtown, and when he asked to send a fax they told him to "try the TV station up the street." I have no idea why.

Tyrese Feaster's sentence should really send a message to other gang members in the area. The 17-year-old refused to testify against the alleged trigger man in a fatal shooting .. and his defiance lead a judge to toss out his juvenile sentence that would have released him at age 21 in favor of hard time at the big house until he's 30. Having interviewed the victim's mother, I can tell you that no sentence will do justice for losing her innocent young daughter. Still, I wonder if others who follow the mantra of "stop snitching" when it comes to talking to police will take note of Feaster's punishment.

I got to meet two nice folks last week from a TV newsroom in Akron's sister city .. Chemnitz, Germany. They're in town visiting and feeding stories about Akron and the holiday festival at Lock 3 back to their viewers in Germany. Unlike our news broadcasts on WKYC-TV, which only air live and at specific times, the news in Chemnitz airs live at 6 p.m. and then is rebroadcast over-and-over again like SportsCenter on ESPN.

Speaking of Lock 3, the new Lockview restaurant (formerly the Lime Spider) is now open for business. Gone is the stage in favor of more tables to serve food. The menu features specialty grilled-cheese sandwiches. It's certainly different .. and a nice touch for that ever-growing part of downtown.

My thanks to reporter Shannon Davidson for her review of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" at Weathervane. I know the cast and crew appreciated the remarks very much.

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