Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pot Luck News Day

Nothing overwhelming going on right now .. but a few notes to pass along.

We're waiting on 9-1-1 calls to be released in today's stabbing of an Akron Public Schools teacher. One report says the Buchtel teacher was stabbed by one suspect; another published report says there were several men in the street. I'll be interested to see if this attack is counted in the yearly school crime statistics. Technically, it didn't happen on school grounds .. but considering it happened right next to the school and the victim is a teacher, most would argue that it's a school-related crime.

The Beacon Journal's Fairlawn man not guilty of murder charges in Lake Erie boating death story on right now has a misleading headline. At first glance, the headline -- which technically correct -- gives the impression that the guy was cleared of all charges. Look deeper in the story and you'll see he was still convicted of pushing his buddy overboard and faces prison time.

I guess the closing of the TOPPS grocery stores will hit the local Salvation Army pretty hard. Capt. Jim Betts with the Akron SA post tells me that the five grocery stores that didn't reopen as Giant Eagles were all solid red kettle spots. Not having those five kettles will mean about $50K fewer dollars for the SA this holiday season.

Myesha Ferrell's trial begins in less than two weeks, and if she goes ahead with the trial then we should hear our first real evidence as to have how Jessie Marie Davis was allegedly killed by Bobby Cutts. All of the local TV stations are weighing their options as to how to cover Ferrell's hearing. Some stations will put one reporter on the trial from start to finish but others will send a different person each day with "coverage by committee." It's tough to judge because our newsroom doesn't know what else might be happening on those days and you don't want to miss other big stories on a day when lawyers tie up the courtroom with motions.

The University of Akron announced today that some 30-year-old microfilm is missing. It's only a big deal because the data includes names, DOBs, and SS#s on graduates of the class of 1974. We'll mention it in tonight's broadcast, but it's kind of tough to ask students about it considering nearly all of today's' college students weren't born when the potential victims' were on campus.

Our newsroom is so quiet this afternoon that I just heard one of our videographers singing "He's my Russell Pry" to the 80's tune of "She's My Cherry Pie." It's newsroom humor folks .. you just have to be here to get it.


Marsha writes: "I'm just curious about where you are originally from? I grew in North Canton, next to Bill and Dorothy Mansfield. I was wondering if you were any relation to them?"

Hi Marsha. Nope. Not me. There is an Eric Mansfield from North Canton who is a few years older than me ... and I'm often confused for him and have been invited multiple times to his alumni events .. but I'm no relation to your neighbors.


Anonymous said...

Hello Eric...

Do you have any pull on getting Akron-Canton News to show on The acquired Adelphia system in New Philadelphia.. Now Time Warner.
They have nothing on Channel 72 or 75 other than test bars.
I'm still upset TWC, pulled Ohio News Network from Analog to Digital.

Anyway Thanks for your answer on this..
Tuscarawas County

Eric Mansfield said...

Hi Al,
Good to hear from you .. and glad to know you'd like to see the Akron-Canton News.
Let me pass your info on to the TWC folks who control who can see us. Hopefully the can deliver.
Stay in touch .. Eric

APS Insider said...

It appears from everything we know now, that the incident NEAR Buchtel High School did not involve a student, was not targeted against the teacher, and happened near the large mass of real estate that is Buchtel High School. It should not be considered a school-related anything.