Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Canton Mayoral Candidates a bit ... well ..

Janet Weir Creighton and William Healy are a bit odd. Not odd as people, but just odd in the way they discuss the campaign, specifically their opponents.

I had a chance to sit down with each of them to talk about their next Tuesday's ballot bash in the Canton Mayoral Race. We aired Creighton's interview last night and Healy's tonight. You can see them both here.

Both were pleasant and prepared .. and both seem to genuinely care passionately about moving Canton forward.

What's odd to me is that on-camera, they both tear into each other in a flash. Healy blames Creighton for everything from downtown jaywalkers to the high pregnancy rate at Timken High School .. (I think he even holds her responsible for days when it rains in Canton). Meantime, Creighton says Healy can't add and that his crime stats and job loss numbers are so flawed that he's got voters terrified to stay in town.

Yet, off-camera and in side conversations, I sense they really do respect .. and to some extent like each other. I don't know either one of them well enough to know when they're turning their emotions "on" and "off," but I can tell you that neither attacked the other off camera as much as they did on camera and in front of the debate crowds.

Now .. I've covered politics long enough to know that challengers always have to attack the incumbents .. and incumbents always have to say the challenger doesn't have the experience. Still, this is the first time I've seen a race where I sense the two might end up laughing over a beer when it's all over -- of course, neither would ever admit to it anyway.

For more info on each candidate's platform, can check out Healy's Campaign website and Creighton's Campaign website.


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