Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Signs of the times, guns .. and other stuff

Time to talk about those smoking signs again .. because so many of you sounded off last time I brought it up. When last we left our hero .. we were discussing why the University of Akron had put up a zillion "no smoking" signs at every door of every building (pictured here is the entrance to Guzzetta Hall) but not one "no guns" sign.

Again, I'm not implying that I think either sign is really effective .. in fact, I believe the opposite .. Still, isn't it a bit of overkill (pun intended) to hit me in every direction about what can happen if I smoke on campus but not even one sign to remind me that I should leave my sidearm at home? I mean, look at the photo .. how many signs to we really need?!?!?

A petition drive to save Geauga Lake is gaining steam, even if it's probably more of a longshot than the Browns in the Super Bowl. You can sign your name here if you like and/or just view some of the folks' opinions on the subject. I find it hard to believe the owners didn't decide until the end of the year that they were going to close the amusement park. In fact, had they made the announcement in mid-August, can you imagine how many folks would have bought tickets for one last day the park?

I'd like to know how many of those 200 not-to-be-ever-counted ballots were for wards 4 and 6 in Akron. Were there enough to make a difference? And what's the harm in counting them and sharing the results, even though they wouldn't be binding? Even when it's a 8-1 vote on Survivor, we still get to see who cast that one vote right?

I'm having a great-but-tiring experience anchoring the newscasts on TV3 this week from Cleveland .. while also anchoring the Akron-Canton News at 630 and 10. Tonight I'm doing five shows and my voice is already going .. hoping I can make it til week's end without going hoarse .. and oh yeah, I still have NewsNight Akron on Friday. Yikes!


Swanny said...

I am sure that most of the folks that are signing the "Save Geauga Lake" petition are infrequent guests and are themselves the cause for its demise. Of course, that won't stop them from telling Cedar Fair how to operate its business. My guess is that they expand the outdoor waterpark by building an adjoining indoor waterpark/hotel like they have in Sandusky.

yeaman said...

A "No Gun" sign on the door is an invitation to weak little cowards to go to a school or college knowing that they will not be challenged by law abiding citizens who are licensed to carry concealed weapons.