Monday, September 10, 2007

Newsroom Odds and Ends

Stuff that's worth telling you about ..

Good News/Bad News: Good to see John Saros out in front on his first day on the job as Executive Director of Summit Couty CSB. Bad that his own organization has yet to put his name on their website. The only place "John Saros" appears on the CSB site is an announcement six-and-a-half weeks ago that he's been hired as the new top gun. With a key levy pending, wouldn't someone have grabbed a digital camera to take the guy's picture and put it on the web with his bio by now???? For that matter, there's nothing on the CSB site about Issue 21 either. If the CSB leaders wait 6.5 weeks to get info on that too, they can kiss it goodbye at the polls. (I've taken the liberty of posting the picture of Saros that still exists at the website for his last job in Franklin County .. please feel free to steal it from me if you need it here in Akron)

Election Day: Tried to get video today of Mayor Plusquellic and Joe Finley each out stumping for votes in the final hours before election day, but it doesn't look like either one had anything formal planned. The mayor's office told me that he would probably attend the CSB rally but then that didn't happen. I called the Finley camp and Joe actually answered the phone. He didn't have anything set in stone for tonight either, but said he'd be making the rounds at the polls on Tuesday. By the way, Mayor Plusquellic and many of the other local Dems will hold their Election Night gathering at Gus's Chalet, while the Finley faithful will gather at the Crowne Plaza Quaker sporting $1 draft beers.

Email from Doug: "Isn't it ironic that because of a recent court ruling, a convicted felon and registered sex offender can live wherever he chooses to live, but our safety forces have to live in the city to get or keep their jobs! What's wrong with this picture?" Hmmmm .. food for thought.

Deja Vu? Weren't we all jumping up and down three years ago for the Browns to please give Charlie Frye, aka. the "hot shot rookie with Ohio ties," a shot to be the starting QB? Fast forward and now we're doing it all over again with Brady Quinn.

Yeah she was bad, but.... I find it ironic to hear all of the folks on the cable networks, radio, and talkshows bad-mouthing Brittany Spears for her performance last night on the MTV awards. I heard one guy on the networks say "it all began with how out of shape Brittany is" .. Oh my goodness ... does he have any idea how many married men wish their own wives looked that good after delivering two kids?? (not me though .. my wife looks much better than that!!! right honey???)

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