Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hey! I know that face!

I tried to buy an ABJ this week and bought a PD by mistake. (The reason is in the photo!) I was yakking on the cell phone while heading to breakfast with a military buddy, so I only half-looked at the pac-man newspaper dispenser and grabbed my morning prose. I was stunned to see the PD looking back at me on the breakfast table. Thinking that I had a big scoop that the PD was being sold from ABJ machines, I went back outside to confirm and realized I'd been duped by the face of Terry Pluto. Suddenly I realized the marketing attack that the Cleveland paper is launching in Beaconville. What really stunk was that Terry's column wasn't even in the PD that day! I think he owes me 50 cents now!

Speaking of newspaper news, ABJ columnist David Giffels is set to return to the newsroom on Oct. 1. He's been on sabbatical writing his latest book.

I've been gently hounding DG to let me know when he would return to column work. He sent me this message today .. "as you probably know, the media has been camped on my front lawn for days now, awaiting the puff of white smoke from the chimney." Ha!

David said he has to learn the paper's new computer and phone systems .. and get caught up on a number things before his column returns to life.


Christina said...

Thank you for the update on David Giffels. He is such a talented writer. I will be glad to see his byline again, if I buy the right paper that is!

Earl said...

Terry Pluto's departure left a huge void in the Beacon's talented writing department that won't be easily filled, soon, if ever. The sports section just doesn't seem to be the same now without him. But David Giffels return will most certainly help the paper in general. He's been missed.

The Other Dave said...

I've been wondering about Giffels' whereabouts. No sitings of him in Highland Square or Downtown. I thought he probably moved to the Village to be with all those other famous writers. Maybe he really WAS camped out in his attic!