Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday pot luck

The Donna Moonda case is finally over. Media from Pittsburgh were tripping over each other outside the federal courthouse trying to get what few video shots were really available. Still can't believe that the woman who orchestrated the murder got life while the guy who actually pulled the trigger got a definite term that frees him in his mid-30's. I've never seen sentences handed down like that.

Judge Teodosio's ruling on Akron's ballot lawsuit won't be released until Monday. Considering the Board of Elections already voted to follow state law and not count the ballots, the window of opportunity to force the inclusion of these 200+ votes is closing quickly. Teodosio's ruling is likely to be appealed, regardless of what he decides. Still, if he sides with the city, the case could become the first step towards changing state law down the road.

I've received several emails from a nice lady in Barberton who claims the fast food kids meal she bought for her 4-year-old daughter came complete with a razor blade. The restaurant (not named here) immediately apologized, she says, and offered her free meals for her shock and awe. The child wasn't hurt. I haven't been able to pin down all of the info I need to get this one on the air yet, but needless to say, check those fast food bags twice before reaching in for the fries!

APD now looking for two suspects in the discovery of a murder victim off of Forge Street. While the details of this case are still coming out, APD has a good track record this year in investigating homicides. This is the 17th murder of the year .. and to date, arrests have been made in 15 of the cases. That's an 88 percent arrest rate for a department that's short-staffed.

Seems local Ohio's football coaches are losing control more than ever. Last year, 20 coaches were ejected from games .. that's up from 15 statewide the year before. While major league umpires can toss a single manager multiple times in a season, I think it takes quite a lot for a high school coach to get tossed from the game.

Speaking of the gridiron, kudos to Firestone and North's football teams. Both city series schools are 3-1. Last year, Firestone ended its long losing streak as legendary coach Tim Flossie took over. North (my alma mater, Go Vikings!) has struggled to compete with much larger schools, but the Vikings have always had a lot of heart and good coaches .. great to see the team out to a winning record. North plays Buchtel (0-4) tonight ...

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