Thursday, September 20, 2007

Authors bring new life to Akron's Walk

I had a great conversation last week with author Russ Musarra and illustrator Chuck Ayers. Both names should ring a bell from their many years of work with the Akron Beacon Journal.

Some two decades ago, the pair opted to go out and walk around different spots in town to create a series of feature articles for the Beacon Magazine. Now that both have retired from the paper, they've compiled all of their old feature articles and illustrations into Walks Around Akron published by the University of Akron Press.

I'm not much a book critic, but I can tell you that Musarra's writing and Ayers' artistic eye are the perfect ying and yang for a literary walk through parts of Akron that many of us have driven by too fast to notice. Some of Chuck's drawings are of events and places long since gone.

It's a good read and a good investment for the family.

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