Monday, August 20, 2007

Bored on a rainy day? Try vintage Channel 3

I'm the news guy .. or at least, that's what they pay me for .. but something tells me I'd be able to pinch-hit on weather tonight if I had to.

"Good evening everyone .. it's going to rain .. and not stop for a longggggggggggg while .. back to you News guy .. "

If you've lived in the area for a while and remember the "old" days of TV3, drift over to Frank Macek's blog for a trip down memory lane. Frank has uploaded some vintage Channel 3 news clips and promos. My favorites are the "turn to 3" promos with Judd Hambrick and Jim Mueller .. a couple guys I watched growing up. Frank is pictured standing to the left of former news director Dick Moore, another great TV mind in my book.

Fortunately, none of the videos (so far) include me .. so I don't have to think of myself as "vintage" just yet as I look for a few grey hairs. I'm actually in my 14th year with WKYC and worked with some of the folks you'll see in the Frank's videos .. and it's such a rush to look back at the stories, the graphics and the outfits.

Frank is one of several talented directors at TV3, and his blog gives great insight into what goes on behind the scenes of a major network affiliate TV station. He often directs the Akron-Canton News, so I hear Frank's direction in my ear as I deliver the news on Time Warner Cable.

Frank also has a great sense of humor. One time on a chilly evening, meteorologist Betsy Kling told viewers "time to shut those windows tonight" ... Frank, being a smarty-pants, got in my ear and said "I dare you to say, 'Hey Betsy! What if I don't want to close my windows?' " He had me laughing so hard I couldn't really pull it off ..but his personality and professionalism help me try and stay on my game when I'm at the anchor desk.

Anyway .. check out the videos and let me know which ones you like .. or if there's something you'd like to see uploaded. I'll pass along your requests to Frank.

If I get enough guts, I'll upload my audition tape from the early 90's that landed me this job ... now THAT'S comedy!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Erik -

"Vintage" is relative - depending on who you are speaking to.....compared to me you still are a youngster.