Friday, August 24, 2007

Political Odds and Ends

I'm looking forward to Monday's mayoral debate. I'm interested to see how Joe Finley tries to push Mayor Plusquellic's buttons to create a firestorm. Certainly, DP can heat up quickly, but he knows that JF's plan is to ignite an inferno. I would expect Finley to direct some of his comments directly at the Mayor instead of the panel. I doubt it will work because the Mayor is keen to Finley's tactics. Still, the feud will be worth the price of admission, especially if Plusquellic hands Finley his head in the first few minutes or if Finley actually cracks Don's armor.

A tip of the hat to both Pho's Akron Pages and Ed Esposito who each pen a good review of the high and low points of the Arshinkoff-Coughlin rising storm. Certainly worth your reading time. For many non-politico experts, it's a tough fight to follow because the players aren't always in front of the cameras. Still, the long-term implications of the coming months will have ripple effects across the area for some time to come.


Media Skeptic said...

Sounds as though we have another local media personality who's a big fan of the mayor. Guess you'd have to be though. From what I understand, he's cut a few deals to help keep you around.

I don't believe local media objectivity exists here in Akron. Therefore, Don Plusquellic will be mayor for as long as he wishes, and Akron will never become a nice place to live and work.

Very Sad.

Eric Mansfield said...

Media Skeptic .. Sounds to me like you already had your mind made up before you read my comments.

If the New York Yankees were playing a team from Patterson Park, and I wrote that I thought the Yankees would destroy the little leaguers, would you assume I'm a Yankees fan?

Pretty shallow thinking my friend

And you might want to review the "deals" that city hall cut for TV news. I think you'll find that the $$ used were monies set aside by PAX to be used for a future TV station, and not tax dollars.

Stay in touch ..


Media Skeptic said...

I didn't interpret your post as a prediction, I saw it more as an endorsement. The fact that you make references to Joe Finley trying to "push Mayor Plusquellic's buttons to create a firestorm," and the mayor being "keen to Finley's tactics." indicate that you feel Plusquellic is superior to Finley.

I'm not quite sure I get your analogy, but if I do, what you are saying is that you feel this election is a lock for Plusquellic. You see though, that the comments you make on your blog contribute to the many forces in Akron that work to make sure the election is a lock.

In fairness to you however, I realize this is a blog and not a newscast. However, do you ever worry that keeping such a blog will affect your credibility as a newscaster?

I do respect you for responding. Glad to see someone in the media with some stugots.

Take Care,

Media Skeptic

Eric Mansfield said...


We'll have to agree to disagree here.

I think you're seeing my descriptions of what I think will happen as an endorsement of one side or the other. On the contrary, it's meant to provide the viewers with what I expect to happen based on my experience covering politics in this town.

As for my credibility .. I'll let me on-air work stand for itself. My blog writing provides additionaly information and insight on a variety of local issues which many people have embraced, even if they don't always agree.

You'll notice that I don't get defensive and delete comments like yours that are critical of my writing. Instead, I feel debate is healthy to getting all of us out of our "comfort zone" so that we can work on the real issues facing our community and our families.

Stop back this afteroon; I'll be writing a blow-by-blow of today's debate.

And you're right to be a skeptic of the media, just make sure you don't paint all of us with the same brush.

Stay in touch .. Eric