Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bobby Cutts indicted

Prosecutors have finished presenting their case against Bobby Cutts, and a local grand jury has indicted him in the deaths of Jessie Marie Davis and her unborn child, Chloe. Prosecutors will not release anything about the charges until a press conference tomorrow morning.

Right now, no one is saying anything about what's contained in the indictment. I did speak to one of Jessie's relatives who says the family has been informed about updates in the case but has been instructed not to say anything. Other sources are being tight-lipped right now as well.

Obviously, the charges themselves will tell us a lot about the case. For example, if Cutts is indicted on death penalty specifications, that would say a ton about the evidence. Likewise, if Cutts were indicted on something less than murder that would signify a big change in the evidence as well. Plus, we need to know what charges Myesha Ferrell will face.

Regardless, expect a streaming press conference from the Stark Sheriff's Office on a computer near you come tomorrow morning.

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