Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Bobby Cutts case not grand jury bound

Heavy rumors have been circulating all day that an indictment against Bobby Cutts could come down as soon as today or tomorrow. As near as I can tell, those rumors appear to be false.

Sources tell me that the case has not even gone to the grand jury yet, and that these rumors have been fueled by speculation following last week's autopsy findings. Still, other reporters have heard the same thing and are making the same calls to check it out.

Whenever the indictment comes down, the charges themselves will certainly tell the public more about the evidence against the Canton Police officer in the death of Jessie Marie Davis. For example, if the grand jury charges Cutts with a death penalty specification then that's a signal that the evidence points to pre-planning the murder with a real motive to kill Jessie and her unborn child, Chloe.

For now though, there is no indictment coming today ... but the case is being prepared for the grand jury.

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Anonymous said...

the death penalty is too good for bobby. i'd rather he just get a life without parole sentence. that way the state saves money by not fighting his death penalty appeals for years and he gets to rot in a jail cell til he dies.