Monday, August 27, 2007

Akron Mayoral Debate a feast of fact versus fiction

I can honestly say that the Akron Mayoral debate between Don Plusquellic and Joe Finley won't make anyone forget Kennedy-Nixon, but it did provide some insight into the duo's ideas and some folly.

11:40 a.m. The parking lot at the Martin Center is packed. As I find a spot in an adjacent lot, I realize that seats will be at a premium but that's a good thing too. Nice to see folks are interested in the race. I see several members of Plusquellic's cabinet walking towards the door; I'm wondering how many folks Finley will bring as a cheering section.

11:55 a.m. I find a seat in the back with Jody Miller and Ed Esposito -- my tag-team partners from NewsNight Akron .. and with Jeanne Weiss, a nice lady who raised four sons on North Hill and who came today to see for herself what the candidates have to say.

Noon Joe Finley is eating with his wife and 8 of his 9 kids. Mayor Plusquellic is shaking hands. Abe Zaiden signals both to come forward for the coin toss. I can't hear what's going on, but I'm told that the two actually argued over what the toss would actually dictate. Later, our newsroom videographer Carl Bachtel says that Finley asked him where he was supposed to sit on the stage.

12:14 p.m. I see numerous community leaders looking at their watches wondering if the event will start any time soon. They all have that look of "I need to be out of here by 1 to get to a meeting." Jody Miller points out a young candidate for another local Mayor's post whose standing near the back of the room. I realize that most if not all of the county and city leaders are all in one room. Sure hope nothing bad happens to this place or a dog catcher could end up taking the oath of office.

12:15 p.m. We hear the opening music of the Time Warner Cable broadcast signalling the start of the program. Most of the 200+ in the room are chewing on their ice because their water glasses weren't refilled before the start of the one-hour debate.

12:16 p.m. Plusquellic's opening remarks are all on the high road. Leadership, results, vision, and honesty. He's talking about how national magazines love Akron. This seems very Plusquellic-esque, and while it was probably written by one of two speech writers, he's obviously rehearsed it several times .. even if just to himself.

12:19 p.m. Finley uses his opening remarks to recognize his family, to include four of his children in their military uniforms. He talks about his faith, his service in Vietnam, and his time as a ward 2 candidate. OK, he just said that "people are voting with their feet" and that's why Akron has lost 1,000 residents per year in the census. Is he blaming the mayor for people moving out? He's hitting his talking points in groups of three. For example, he says Akron is deficient in taxes, vacant homes, and crime. His opening remarks don't sound the way Finley speaks. The more he reads and glances down at his papers, the more I think his opening statement was written by someone else. Not a surprise, but not a perceived strength of Finley's either. His speech ends with big applause from the two tables of Finley supporters who are seated closer to Plusquellic than Finley.

First Question: The City's relationship with the University of Akron.

12:22 p.m. Plusquellic says that city hall used to see the U of A as a place that ate up taxable land and brought "beer-guzzling" students to town. (at this moment, I wonder if his close city hall confidants are biting their lips fearing what could come next). Plusquellic says that's still partially right today but that the U of A remains a key player in jobs and job training. Now, the Mayor is playing up the "honesty" theme again, jabbing at whether Finley's campaign statements have been truthful. Plusquellic points out other community leaders in the room and discusses deals brokered with them even during disagreements.

12:27 p.m. I can tell Finley is salivating to bite back on the beer guzzling joke. OK, there he goes. He says he doesn't like our students characterized that way and transitions into how downtown should morph to make Akron a college town. He sees bringing the students to spend their money downtown as a way to get back part of the city's investment in the U of A. He goes on to bring up the budget; he says the city is broke and it's Plusquellic's fault for pushing too much credit. He's quoting JFK and says Plusquellic's 15 cabinet members are nearly twice the eight positions that were there when he started in office and more than the Mayor of New York City. I expect Plusquellic to fight back on this point but he never does.

Second question: Budget and cuts ..

12:35 p.m. Plusquellic fires away on the city budget. He says the city's bond rating is good, and that city hall has been fiscally responsible. He points to having to cut 800 positions from 30 years ago and how tough that's been. Plusquellic says it's "beyond belief" that Finley is FOR keeping Goodyear but AGAINST the need to take the homes of some folks to make room for new Goodyear buildings.

12:42 p.m. Plusquellic references his 80-year-old mother in the audience and says he'd like to be able to tell her that Rubber Companies are coming back to town but he doesn't want to mislead her. It's an obvious jab at Finley, hinting that Finley's telling voters what they want to hear and not the truth.

12:47 p.m. Finley is really on the offensive now. He calls Plusquellic's tenure an "embarrassment" when it comes to protecting homes from foreclosure. He suggests that city hall be a place folks can come to get to get mortgage advice. He says the experts in the law department should be able to provide guidance to folks for free. Wow! Wouldn't that be nice! That sounds like a great idea, but I checked with the city and I'm told that it would be illegal for city lawyers to give private advice on mortgages.

12:49 p.m. I wonder aloud, "how can I guy with nine kids possibly have enough time to be mayor of a major city?" Would he ever have time to even have dinner with these kids of his ever again?

12:50 p.m. OH NO HE DIDN'T! Finley just called Plusquellic on the carpet for calling people "wackos" and "liars". He also called the Mayor out for his parking lot attendant saga and claims he's alienating the neighbors. Ahhhhhhhh .. and just when a few folks were falling asleep.

12:51 p.m. I see Mayor Plusquellic writing a few notes. In fact, he has been taking notes during a vast majority of Finley's speaking moments whereas Finley tends to watch Plusquellic intently and just respond off the cuff.

12:53 p.m. OH NO HE DIDN'T! Plusquellic actually mentioned his relationship with Cuyahoga Falls Mayor Don Robart in SUPPORT of his role as Mayor of Akron. WOW! Plusquellic and Robart wouldn't follow one another out of a burning building -- that's what they think of one another as leaders. Plusquellic says that the recent water and hydrant deal between Cuyahoga Falls and Akron shows that he can work with people with whom he disagrees.

12:56 p.m. Mayor Plusquellic has now mentioned the Plain Dealer twice but not the ABJ. He's citing several PD articles that show Akron's financial stability as a good place to work and live.

1 p.m. Finley just held up a CD claiming that it contains a conversation in which Plusquellic threatens to fire members of the Akron Building Department. He says copies are available to the media and that it shows Plusquellic if off the reservation when it comes to bullying employees. Is this his smoking gun? hmmmmm. This seems quite staged but we'll have to take a listen and see what's there.

1:04 p.m. Plusquellic says he's not apologizing for handing building inspectors -- or any employee for that matter -- their butts if they're not living up to expectations to serve the community. Not sure if Plusquellic knew Finley was going to play Vanna White with the CD or not, but his answers are aimed right back in Finley's vowels.

1:06 p.m. Joe Finley says he's not against tearing houses down for Goodyear, but he is against doing it for the proposed BassPro Shop. Not sure you can separate the two projects, but Finley is making the distinction. He's also admitting that he misquoted job numbers from a training program he now wants to see come back.

1:12 p.m. The Time Warner Cable photographers are frantically signalling that we have one minute left in the taping. I doubt that either candidate will get to make a closing statement .. and I'm right. Finley quickly predicts a turnout of 12,000 voters for the primary. That's it! Abe Zaiden signed off the show.

OK .. taking it all in .. I'm not sure either candidate made any significant headway here. It felt like a rock-em/sock-em robots fight. Finley swinging big and broad trying to go for a knockout and Plusquellic just plugging away with body blows.

On the way out, I see fellow blogger Pho and wonder how he'll blog this one.

Back at the office, I take a look at the CD Finley handed out. It's a 12-minute conversation and sounds like it came from a recorder in someone's pocket. A Finley handout claims that five other city employees plus "other building inspectors" were there to witness the conversation on March 28, 2007. There's no way I will have time to contact all of those people to verify the validity of this tape before we go on the air. To broadcast it as "genuine" without checking it further is questionable. For that matter, Plusquellic doesn't deny making the statements so it may not be a big point of contention.

Some of you might disagree, but to air a tape without verifying who is there is a tough call. We'll see if those on the tape call me back in the coming days. Then again, it might be a mute point.


Swanny said...

Mute point??? Was that pun intentional???

Eric Mansfield said...

Yes .. and thanks for noticing. It's not often in TV news that "mute" is a word we can use. :)

Kyle said...

Eric, I was at the debate too. I thought your summary hit the highlights. Who do you think won the debate?

Anonymous said...

Eric, Thanks for your insights. I didn't attend the debate, figuring that it was going to be pretty much as you reported. It would be interesting to see a viable candidate square off against Mayor P, but I'm not sure we've grown any here in my hometown. As always, enjoyed your take on the event.

Trish said...

You wonder about being mayor and having 9 kids--well most are adults. Did you ever wonder how Plusquellic had kids, wife and had time for extramarital affairs?

Eric Mansfield said...

I appreciate your comment .. but do realize I was just thinking aloud.
If you look at the family photo on the front of Finley's campaign page, I think you'll see that 5 of his 9 kids are still minors. And while the others are young adults, Finley often talks about the time he spends with all 9 of them.
I think it's a fair question to wonder how someone with that much family commitment can be able to keep the schedule and travel required of a big city mayor.
As for your comments about Plusquellic, you're out of line. Unless you have proof and not just speculation and circumstantial hocus pocus, you're out of line ..
Stay in touch .. Eric

Anonymous said...

"I think you'll see that 5 of his 9 kids are still minors"

Two of his children are minors, the others are adults. With five children in the US military, Joe Finley is clearly a man who instilled the idea of civic duty in his kids - and I think it was from example.

I live in Columbus, Ohio but am a native of Akron. I wish I lived there, it'd be exciting to have Joe Finley as mayor.

Eric Mansfield said...

For the love of macaroni salad ..

Look at the picture yourself folks ... you figure it out.

If only two of those nine kids are minors, then it's a really old photo.

Regardless, I think it's a fair question to ask anyone who has such a large family and who says he spends so much time with his children if he's really ready to sacrafice large amounts of family time to be mayor.

I'll check with Joe's camp to get all the ages if need be .. but c'mon people..

some of you can't see the garage for the parking attendants ...


Trish said...

Since you speak of facts--well I do think the photo is probably old--but how can one be sure just by looking at the photo --as you suggest--that you would know how many are minor for sure--you can guess but that is not factual. I look at your comment perhaps somewhat differently being from a large family. However--if you think it to be a fair question--then ask the question. You are a reporter. Would you ask the question for someone seeking an office and planning to have children which could happen in their term? Did you ask Plusquellic how his divorce and taking time to spend with his four grandchildren and two children--in a somewhat different capacity had any impact on his ability in office? I will admit an elected office is somewhat different --but these things can not be asked in a job interview supposedly--though it probably happens. Your "thinking aloud" term is confusing--as thinking is mental and not heard and by definition aloud--is verbal and to be heard. Have you ever asked someone in a similar position--how they seem to have time for golf, being in bars, watching television? Perhaps he does not do a lot of this stuff. If he has several children in the military that would suggest that he is probably not with them that much on a regular basis.

Anonymous said...

Several comment for your thoughts.

1. Joe did write the opening remark and he read it to his four closest staffers, who made some comments and couple of changes but for the most part, it was his idea to recognize God, his family and especially his children serving in uniform and the rest of the text.

2. On the relationship between the University and the City office, you failed to comment on the non-plused look on Dr. Proenza's face, as the Mayor was talikng. The camera panned Dr. Proenza, several times. He was definitely NOT smiling nor nodding any agreement.

3. Community Leaders, what community leaders - Oh, you mean the droves of party affiliates. I hardly call them community leaders. They're politicians, paid to be there. In that category, I only recognized Dr. Proenza and Tony Gorant of Akron General. I didn't see Nick George, Rob Briggs, Jody Bacon, Nick Browining, Roger Read, David Boyle, Riley Lochridge, Dan Colantone, Mitchell Conn. Did I miss anyone??

4. On Mayor's honesty, Eric, please check out Joe Finley's website, where you'll see a clip of the Mayor saying. "I can lie with a straight face and I just passed the test".

5. And Eric, come on, let's get real about the kids. You saw eight of the nine in person. Four don't even live in the area. I can understand how your thought process evolved from Joe's campaign literature photos, which is somewhat dated and in reality, it's a rare occassion that Joe can enjoy a dinner with all nine kids - ,perhaps holidays. Give the guy credit for raising such a close family that stick together, doing the right things and all supporting Dad because they believe in his integrity and cause.


Trish said...

I did request info from Joe's team--the response-

Joe and Alexis have have 4 children in the military at present. The age of the 9 children is about 30 to the youngest who is 9. All but 2 are now over 18. Thus, you can see that that great family portrait is about 8 years old. ---
By the way this site seems quite difficult to get in.

Eric Mansfield said...

Billy Oh ...

Thanks for your point-by-point thoughts .. looks like you were taking notes and paying attention .. which can't always be said for others.

1. If some thought Joe sounded like he was reading remarks written by someone else, that should tell you something about how he delivered it. I wasn't the only one who came to that conclusion, and newsflash: perception is reality.

2. As for seeing Proenza's face, I was in the back of the room and unable to see him. In fact, most people in the room couldn't see him. If the camera panned to him, then you saw him on a taped broadcast; my comments were written before the debate was aired. It's also nice to see you can interpret what Proenza's thinking simply by a two-second TV cutaway. Can you tell me when he's going to offer rowing as a scholarship sport?

3. Thanks for taking roll call on our community leaders. Did you mark anyone tardy too? Does anyone need to stay after school and pound erasers? Honestly, do you really think I sat there with a scorecard and worked my way down to dog catcher? Try not to hurt yourself when you're interpreting my sarcasm for how many folks were "forced" to be there instead of "choosing" to be. Seems most of the others reading my blog understood my joke about the "dog catcher" .. how did you completely get it backwards?

4. OH PLEASE! That tape has made the rounds for years. I've seen 10 copies of it and they always surface during political times. If it had any value, the media would have made a story out of it by now. Duane Pohlman at TV5 would have chased Plusquellic with it like a pitch fork. Asked and answered my friend. Having covered Plusquellic's press conferences and news events for 10+ years, I have a good idea of how he conducts himself. Find some new material.

5. I think it's hilarious how many people are coming to Finley's defense about his kids, especially when I never attacked him or his family. Of all the observations I made in my debate blog, THAT'S the one you and others choose to get nuts about? I invite you and others go back and read my thoughts again.

I wrote: "I wonder aloud, 'how can a guy with nine kids possibly have enough time to be mayor of a major city?' Would he ever have time to even have dinner with these kids of his ever again?" (by the way, where in there did I ever say how many of the kids were minors or adults?)

Do you really think I was judging him as a father? Do you really think I was assessing his commitment to his family? Grow up.

If you saw the Hanzelman family (sextuplets) at the mall pushing six kids in strollers and thought to yourself "wow, I wonder how they find time to even clean their house?" would that mean you think they're dirty slobs? Of course not. But in reality -- and I wish you would join the rest of us there because it's a nice place to be -- people sometimes see large families and wonder how they accomplish so much. TRANSLATION: It's impressive.

I have three kids and they eat up every second I have, regardless of their ages. I can't imagine having nine kids, even with some of them grown, and being able to take on a role like big-city mayor. TRANSLATION: That's a compliment.

I mean really, Billly .. How thick are you?

And yes, I saw 8 of his 9 kids in person from across the room .. four were in military uniform ... I didn't see name tags on the other four .. am I supposed to look across the room and be able to guess their ages like we're at Geauga Lake? My own son is taller than any of Finley's 8 kids in attendance Monday. He's only 13, but from a distance peope might guess that he's a grown man living on his own. That's why I and others ask .. or in this case .. refer to photos their father puts up on his website. Again, THATS' the picture Finley is showing the public.

Again, of all the issues I raised and shared in my blog, these are the ones over which you go to war?

How about defending Finley for pushing his idea on city lawyers providing illegal advice on mortgages? And I have yet to hear even one Finley supporter dispute the mayor's repeated attack that Finley didn't introduce one meaningful peice of legislation during his time on council?

Aren't those more important issues than whether a TV anchor can guess which of Finley's kids are old enough to shave?

Thanks for reading .. and commenting .. you've given me the biggest chuckle of my day.

Stay in touch -- with reality.


Eric Mansfield said...

Trish ..

Thanks for going the extra mile to clear that up ..

Maybe Joe Finley will get a more recent family photo for his website to avoid any confusion.

Good to hear from you .. Eric

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your most comprehensive response and you certainly make some very good points, which hadn't occurred to me. I only have couple of reaction, after reading your comments.

On the community leaders, I was only trying to point out that I did not see many community leaders who I consider were genuinely interested in the future of this city - my observation. So when a reporter like yourself writes "many community leaders", that may set a totally different spin on who actually attended this event, to those who weren't at the debate.

On the taped admission of the Mayor, I guess I'd want a mayor who is honest and truthful. If this thing has been around so long, I can't believe the media is so complacent about it. It's the first time I've seen it. I can only come to three conclusions - 1) The tape is a pretty good fabrication - which I don't believe; 2) media thinks it's not a big deal for politicians to lie to their constituents, which I think is sad; 3) media doesn't think it's illegal since it was taken without the Mayor's consent and I can't comment on that one. Maybe there's another reason I don't know but Eric, I'd like to know what you think of this. Either the Mayor lies when he needs to, to achieve his agenda and therefore, shouldn't have "Honesty" in his vocabulary or it doesn't matter. As for new material, I understand they're on their way. Bottomline, I think it's about the character and integrity of an elected leader, and we all know, there's been too many, caught recently with their hand in the cookie jar.

On your other responses, I yield. Different perspectives made by two different observers and too much have already been said about Joe's kids and family. BTW, I too share your thoughts about how did he and Alexis manage all those kids when we had a handful, raising only two, but I do so with great admiration. I've known other similar families with same thoughts of admiration. They seem to have so much more fun.

As for Joe on legislation, the offical records are what the Mayor refers to but what Joe and the Finley supporters remember are the number of times he was "crushed" like a bug because of the Mayor's political machine. If you say you've covered the Mayor's office for over ten years, how could you miss the countless times Joe was the lonely voice of opposition because he stood for the right things based on right reasoning. He was the lone voice of opposition for the income tax increase and the voters came out to endorse that position by defeating it, overwhelmingly. What's more important, I think is the future. He's put several interesting ideas on the table - reducing the mayoral cabinet from the current fifteen to eight to ten and cutting the staff salary by 10%. The deployment of the 203K program by using the city's credit facility and bringing the police force to charter strengths through cost cuts, rather than tax increases.


Eric Mansfield said...

Good to hear from you again ... wasn't sure I would.
The reason the media doesn't run with the tape is because the comment was made completely in jest. It was completely off the cuff and consistent with mayoral humor after long debates.
When viewed/heard out of context, it looks more like a movie spoof than reality .. and then people overreact like it's a smoking gun that the Mayor is a tyrant.
Until you've sat through a 90-minute press conference where the media fires cannon after cannon at an elected leader, you can't appreciate how a little levity goes a long way when the presser is finally over. You really need to be there to gauge how they feel; Plusquellic's soundbites make good for TV news, but never tell the whole story of his comments.
I'm so glad we finally got to the bottom of the family photo. That's the only thing I had to go on when it comes to Joe's kids and his bio on his webpage don't mention the kids' ages.
You're right in that quite a few actual leaders weren't in attendance, but enough middle managers and appointees and the like were there .. many by non-manditory political necessity.
Sure I've seen Joe Finley as the loan dissenter at council. That doesn't always mean that his solo view was the correct one for the city. He was always very vocal that he felt that council rubber stamped the mayor's ideas and that some legislation moved or was crushed too quickly. There were times when that was news in itself and there were times when Joe stood alone and it wasn't newsworthy. I can't speak to what happened behind closed doors but other council members told me that Joe never really adapted to the council as a whole and allowed himself to be labeled an outsider.
Like I keep saying .. it's good that we can share differing insight outside our comfort zones. Good discussion can only lead to a better community.
Stay in touch .. Eric

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