Thursday, August 16, 2007

Agents move quickly to investigate Fairlawn BMV

I made follow-up phone calls tonight to several of the folks whose documents containing personal information were found in the trash last week at the Fairlawn BMV. Our stories about the discovery aired Monday on Channel 3 News. Part 1 Part 2

Several of them tell me that they were asked to come to the Fairlawn Police Department last Friday to answer questions from state agents investigating the dumpster discovery. That's literally just hours after we turned over all of the original documents we found to those state investigators.

Each said they were asked a series of questions including what they did with their documents on the day they were at the BMV and which clerk provided them service. Fairlawn Police Officers did not take part in the questioning, but the agency was certainly supporting the state agents' work.

One of the people interviewed in our story said she had not yet been contacted but would share the same story with them that she did with us .. namely that she left her documents with the clerks, didn't trash them herself, and is upset that her personal information was left out in the open.

Another said that he returned to the BMV to ask the Deputy Registrar why his documents were trashed and that a woman behind the counter screamed at him until he left. He reported to the state agents how he was treated.

Originally, state investigators hoped to have the investigation complete by tomorrow (Friday) but we have yet to hear anything definitive.

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