Monday, July 2, 2007

Partially Right

Well, I was wrong about the defense for Bobby Cutts wanting to go forward with the pre-trial hearing today (he waived it at the very last second) but I was right about Myisha Ferrell asking for a lower bond. Seems prosecutors were ready for that too, telling the judge that Ferrell helped Cutts dispose of the body, which in itself is a new bit of information. Once hearing that, the judge kept Ferrell's bond at a cool half million. Still, the media buildup and the presence of both families in court today seems a precursor of things to come.

A veteran officer tells me that Bobby Cutts drew the curious eye of a great many of his fellow men and women in blue from the first time he wore a uniform. Seems Cutts liked to wear his gun in plain view, even in civilian clothes when he was off-duty. Most cops don't do that, and those who choose to be armed when off the clock don't usually tote it around for the public to see. But Cutts was different, this officer told me. He'd wear his gun on his belt loop even when he was in jeans and surrounded by other off-duty cops. It was as though he was trying to tell the world, "look at me. I'm the law and I'm not to be messed with."

The only other officer I've ever heard described in this way was Doug Prade. Both have been described to me as men who would show up in uniform, even when off duty, at places where they wanted to make a personal statement.

I would anticipate that this is the last hearing we see on this case in municipal court. Prosecutors will now push to get both cases to a grand jury for an indictment that moves the case to the Stark County Common Pleas Court. Then we recue the arraignment proceedings and start all over again. What we don't know yet is if the prosecutor will push for the death penalty for Cutts.

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