Monday, July 23, 2007

Hobos? in Akron? Surely you can't be serious!

According to this article, Akron recently celebrated a hobo festival. Hobos. As in the bums that ride trains to fame and fortune but probably not showers. Oddly enough, the article appeared in a South African newspaper but not locally. Read on:

Hobos Gather at Akron Quarry

First, I no idea that we had a "hobo history" to our town. I guess that we do have our fair share of rail lines, so I suppose plenty of would-be travelers could have visited when we were once the Rubber Capital. Who knows, maybe a few of them liked it so much that they decided to stay and open a restaurant or two?

Second, how is it that the press 7 time zones and one equator away know about this and we don't? I don't claim to be Dr. George Knepper when it comes to my Akron history, but hobos of all creatures? I remember learning a lot about the Indian tribes, John Brown, the Seiberlings, and a blimp or two during 4th grade history. No one ever mentioned our hobo lore.

Third, anyone know at what quarry these folks gathered? The article says they even had a campout here in town over the weekend. Even with all the soap box derby families and hamburger fest folks trotting around, wouldn't you have noticed a few hobos?

Funny that they came and went without any of us knowing they were here. Of course, that's the hobo life, right?


laurac19 said...


Deep Lock Quarry... that's what I was able to find out. :)


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Check out Nature Realm on Smith Road. It has a whole exhibit on hobo lore in the valley as well as details on this year's hobo days.