Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Clean up in aisle 4!

I'm receiving more and more email from West Akron folks who are just mad as heck over the lack of a grocery store in Highland Square. I haven't been able to respond to all of them, but I can tell you that the common thread is one of betrayal.

Among the web traffic you'll find on the topic is this site from Michael Roetzel. It's pretty clear about getting a reaction. Check it out:

Where's Our Grocery Store?

Many in the area tell me they feel that they were sold on the idea of new development centered around a new grocery store -- specifically an Acme. So far, they've received a Chipotle chain and a bunch of empty storefronts, but no place to find groceries.

City leaders are quite aware of the frustrations and are still hopeful to meet the area's needs. Remember, Mayor Plusquellic now lives in that area, and months ago he spent some of his off hours listening to residents' fears about the Civic Theater. Hopefully a reporter will ask him about the grocery store delay at his next press conference.


Anonymous said...

To all that might read this strand. The idea of passing along the website info to Eric Mansfield was out of concern for the nieghborhood. I never gave him the impression that it was my site, nor in my email to him did I state that it was. I am merely hoping to be an advocate and one of many voices that might help the prosperity for the good of our city and neighborhood. - Michael Roetzel

Cinda said...

I was concerned when this story disappeared off the blogsite this afternoon. I, too, miss the Star Market--thank goodness for the Freshway in the valley. I've been waiting for another "neighborhood grocery" since the demise of Star. I hope that our friendly homegrown market will come through for us West Hill citizens.