Saturday, July 14, 2007

Am I crazy? Watch for yourself

Well ... say hello to the new addition. Those of you who are already parents .. tell me .. am I crazy? Watch below:

Jacob is about to turn 10, and he paid his half of the money for the set using his winnings from finishing second last month at the soap box derby (and you thought he would use it to treat his pit crew .. a.k.a. Dad .. didn't you?).

Could he have chosen a trumpet? or a guitar? or something portable that he could hook up headphones to use behind closed doors? noooooooo! He wanted drums!

Actually, I've told all three boys that I'll always invest in musical instruments because they often hold their value and can be passed around to others if one child opts not to use them. Jacob has been talking non-stop about drums for a while. I bought him a $1 set of drum sticks, just to see if he'd at least try to make some rhythms on other stuff around the house and he quickly turned tubs and buckets into a make-shift set.

Anyway, if it looks like I have a headache on the news Monday night, you'll know the cause of it :)

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