Thursday, June 28, 2007

Timeout already

I've been doing Google blog searches to see if there's any untold news floating around in the Jessie Davis case. I can't believe how many blogs I'm finding that are flat out racist in nature. I can't believe how many folks nationwide are looking at Jessie as someone who "got what she deserved." Have we fallen back to the stone age? She's not a monster, she's a mother. She's not a villain, she's a victim. She didn't deserve this, and we all should be appalled at that line of thinking.

I'm also just floored by the number of theories I'm seeing with folks talking about how Bobby Cutts made a major mistake by allegedly dumping the bodies in the Summit Metro Parks. Do people really sit up at night playing the mental game, "gee, if I were a killer I would ..."

How desensitized have we become as a society that so many people feel just fine putting their names and email addresses on these thoughts? Some of these folks are right here in Akron and Canton! I would provide a few web links so you could see for yourselves, but I hate to give any publicity at all to these folks.

Lisa of Akron sent me this email that really captures what I'm getting at: "I have a broken heart. I can't understand the events, or reasons for ANYONE to hurt someone, like they did Jessie. I was not a searcher, but I did pray for her many times daily.
What puzzles me the most is some people's reaction to the sad news. Kinda like they were sick of hearing about Jessie and now they can get on with THEIR lives. This worries me. I think this should effect us! What ever happened t 'do unto others--as you would have done to you?'"

Tomorrow, a community will come together to begin mourning this woman and her unborn daughter. The grieving will continue with her funeral and burial on Saturday. For those out there with an ounce of compassion, at least give this nonsense a rest for 48 hours.

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Robyne said...

This is a refreshing blog to find. I've done the same thing. This tragedy has had a surprising impact on my heart and I pray that God comforts and strengthens Jessie Davis's family. As I've visited some of the search results I've seen how hateful people can be in the face of such an aweful tragedy. They seem to forget about compassion. One of the first blogs I discovered was so aweful I thought I would be sick. Last night I saw a Cleveland reporter (can't remember who) talking to one of the guys responsible for spreading the flyers and he was clearly disgusted by their behavior. Bravo! I'm still undecided about attending the calling hours/funeral (I live in Akron). However, I did go to Top of the World today to pay my respects and have a word of prayer.