Monday, June 18, 2007

Somebody warn Ken!!!

A few notes from inside the newsroom today.

The National Media has descended upon North Canton as the search for Jessie Davis continues. Davis' mother and sister will be on Fox News live at 10 p.m. with Greta Van Whatever-Her-Name-Is. Reporter Vic Gideon says the other cable networks have been arriving by the hour and are setting up tents near the Stark County Sheriff's Office. Unfortunately, there's nothing new on the search for Davis or who might have taken her, but the crime scene folks are working overtime for sure. When I know, you'll know.

My eyes must be going around here. A while back, I was reading a health story on the 6:30 news about keeping your babies away from water but instead of "babies" I said "barbies." Like most public speakers, I usually read several words ahead of what's actually coming out of my mouth. By the time I realized what I'd said, I was already on to the second sentence about why they shouldn't get wet. Rather than fix it on the fly, I just kept going. As we headed on to the next story, the director and the producer each spoke into my ear simultaneously to ask, "what the heck did you just say?" Oh well. Think of barbies like gremlins; don't get em wet and don't feed em after midnight!! Wasn't long ago that I read "witness" as "waitress" for a different story. Hopefully I didn't make all the servers at Bob Evans worry for nothing.

Akron Police Scanner Traffic around 3:30 p.m. today: "All units be on the lookout for a man with brown hair, brown eyes, wearing a hospital gown, and just looking 'crazy'." Ya know, that's just one of those descriptions that I'd hope our officers would ALWAYS be looking for.

A stranger came to the newsroom a few weeks back and immediately took off his shoes. He stood on main street and told me all about how a local medical facility had given him poison and the poison was causing his feet to fall off. He kept pointing to the bottoms of his feet to make sure I could see where they were going to explode. Through the glass door, I suggested that he come back when one of the on-air people was around. He bought it and left. I quickly called APD to let them know there was a suspicious person ("signal 9" for all you APD scanner jockeys out there) in the area so in case they saw"Freddy Foot Factory" walking the beat.

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