Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Other news of note

As I dig myself out from the hundreds of emails and messages that have stacked up during my time in Canton this last week or so, I have a few "other news" items to pass along.

A credible source tells me that a big indictment is due out this week -- possibly today -- in a local murder case that's drawn national attention. The person being indicted won't be a surprise if you've followed the case, but the news will still spread quite quickly.

You know there's nothing I hate more than those who mispronounce and/or misspell the names of our local landmarks and cities. (If you didn't know that about me, just play along anyway). One of the ones that really irks me is when people put an "s" on the end of Tangier. I just cringe when I hear "Tangiers" as though there's more than one. Anyway, last week I got a press release with a headline all about a BIG event at "Tangiers" and guess who sent it? The PR agency representing Tangier! Now, if they can't even spell it right, I guess we're all doomed to a lifetime of MOW-ga-dore and COPE-lee.

Yesterday's arrest of a Cuyahoga Falls man who held police at bay with a gun hit home with me. The suspect, Michael Azar, is a high school classmate of mine. I was sorry to see him lose control but I'm glad it ended peacefully. It's not the first time I've read stories on the air about folks I know personally. I once read a story about another high school classmate given a life sentence for rape, and I also interviewed yet a third classmate whose mattress business was under investigation. For what it's worth, a number of other classmates have made the evening news for making positive contributions, but yesterday's standoff with Azar just drives home how Akron might be a big city, but it's a small town.

Anyone else still wondering why the Demetrus Vinson ruling still hasn't come down in Akron? Several sources told me the ink was dry on the police investigation portion of the teen's death more than a month ago. In fact, I've heard it's 28 pages, double-spaced and neatly put together. I know that prosecutors have been reviewing the case, which involved police officers opening fire on Vinson in his car before the medical examiner says Vinson killed himself. Still, even with some extra time for review and some additional interviews requested by prosecutors, shouldn't we have heard something by now? Maybe the NBA Finals and the Davis case took the spotlight off any pressure to deliver a quick ruling in the Vinson case, but I don't understand why we're approaching the 4th of July and still no conclusion. Stay tuned.

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