Saturday, June 30, 2007

Media On Hold

The Canton Muni courts have cleared their entire day's schedule for Monday's preliminary hearing for Bobby Cutts Jr. The whole day. Court TV is planning to be the pool camera, providing a video feed to all of the other media.

I've never seen this much attention for a preliminary hearing. I'm not a lawyer, but my experience with PHs is that they're part of a checks-and-balances to make sure police and prosecutors aren't dragging their feet once they lock someone up for a crime. It also forces the "good guys" to show at least some of the evidence they have against the "bad guys" to at least validate why the suspects have been labeled "bad" in the first place. It's actually a pretty good system in that regard. Not that this country would ever lock someone up for long periods of time without formal charges, hearings, or trials (sorry,did someone say Gitmo?).

What I expect on Monday is that Cutts Jr. will not be there in person, but his attorneys will be there to draw out as much information from police has possible. The info you hear Monday would probably have been shared in the discovery phase of the case, which comes later, but to hear it now should give insight into the case. Expect whatever nugget of info that falls into public view to be held up on the national newscasts like a block of gold.

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