Sunday, June 24, 2007


OK .. my phone just rang again. It's CNN asking me to be on with Larry King tonight at 9 p.m. Guess my leasurely Sunday won't be as leasurely as I'd first thought. I can only imagine how many more twists and turns this story will take today.


Dixon said...


You are a great report!!! CNN report last night was top notch!!


Cinda said...

Caught the CNN piece in the hotel after the concert last night--it was excellen. You were on all of our minds--we know how this has affected you.

AL said...


Please Tell Larry that Al from New Philadelphia, Oh said hello and loves his show :)

On a serious note: I'm sorry you have to report under these circumstances.

Best Wishes, and keep up the great reporting

New Philadelphia, Oh

amy said...

We all know you are strong, and have seen so much tragedy both here and abroad...but I can't imagine how much this affects you, and how strong you have to be to not snap! You did a phenomenal job last nite, and I have no doubt you will shine again this evening!

amy said...

It's me again lol-I didn't know you had this blogspot until my mom and Rachelle told me last nite. I've read thru quite a bit of it, and I wanted to respond about someone's earlier comment about this all.

It may be because I know you, but never for ONE second have I ever thought you haven't put yourself in the family's shoes. In fact, I am confident you have a hard time removing yourself long enuf to report without crying. I know how much family means to you. I KNOW.

What other people need to remember when reading thru all this, and watching YOU on TV is this: People need to know. I need to know. Why? Because I have 2 year old little miss cranky pants climbing all over me right now trying convince mommy that she has to go to the big girl potty again for the 65 time this hour, and then runs over to daddy on the couch to tell on me when I don't. I need to know because my sister, her husband, and thier four kids live six blocks away from me and that's too far. I need to know because I am so close with my mom that I spent the weekend out of town with her, and it went to fast. If you don't report it, I'll go nuts. I don't want to hear the story, but I needed to know that Jessie and Chloe can be laid to rest, and have moved onto the next level. I need to know that her family is okay, and if they need anything, I need to know if I can help. The media is how to find that out. Sure there are droves of people trying to get a glimpse. But there were more than that out there searching. And MORE THAN THAT, are the people (including all the above) that need to know that the @#&*%$@& that did this is locked up, out of society, especially when he was supposed to one of the good guys.

Your nephews have a daddy who is a peace officer-a true PEACE officer-as is mine. It's important to all of us that the bad apple gets thrown out.

Eric...never lose sight of your VERY important job. Please never feel like the beasts that some of your colleagues are. All of you have a very important job--but like Bobby Cutts, a few bad apples get thru, and then people get a negative view of the entire group. Your a good apple, Eric. That is why you are getting all the national coverage. And I am glad its you and not some Greta Van-whatshername. That is why you care about Whitney and her family, and they will speak with you. That is why you have her phone number.

Anyway, I just want you to know that Akron, Ohio who knows YOU, the real you, know that you are personally affected, and extremely compassionate about this all. I know you deeply love your wife, and your kids are your world (normally-when tragedy doesn't consume you). I know that you have seen SO MUCH tragedy, both here and in Iraq, and I have told you before--I can't imagine the courage that you have muster up from the pit of your belly to go deal with it all, but I know its impressive as hell.

With reporters like you, the Greta Van whatshername will crumble eventually. Please keep doing what you do, because you do it so well. Let the world know how much you care about all of this. Its not sensationalism when you do it...its responsible and compassionate.

I'm off to the big girl potty, to hear the story of what my two loves of my life did while I was gone.

Dustin said...


How did I miss this report on CNN. Is there a link to view the report again?


Eric Mansfield said...

All, thanks for the wonderful notes here. It means a lot. Amy, so thankful to hear from you. Your words and family are so important to us. The interview went well tonight, and Dustin, it will re-air again at midnight on CNN. I actually have to do another CNN talkback at 7:15 a.m. on American Today so I better get a few hours of sleep. Prayers for Jessie, Chloe, and their family.