Thursday, June 28, 2007

From My Notebook

How's this for coincidence. Yesterday, we pulled the divorce filing by Kelly Cutts against Bobby Cutts Junior. No surprise there. What's odd is the name signed on the paperwork as Clerk of Courts: "Phil Giavasis." How small of a world is this anyway? And, if you hadn't seen it on the web, has linked Nikki Giavasis to Chris Benoit, the pro wrestler-turned-killer this week. Guess Ms. Nikki used to be a ring girl for the pro wrestling circuit .. Again, it's a big city around here .. but it's a small town.

I got this email from a friend of mine but let me just say up front that it echoes what others have told me:

"My sister and I participated in the search last Sunday (June 16th), and Bobby (Cutts) was in my group. I was the team leader. He did some odd things during the search that we advised the officers about. An example would be that he stated he lost his cell phone during the search. "

Seems many folks saw Cutts make a big, dramatic deal out of losing his cell phone during his brief step in front of the cameras as part of the original search for Jessie. Others tell me that Cutts looked like he was overacting from the very beginning. Almost like Scott Peterson.

Ever been to Bluffton, South Carolina? If you go and get a traffic ticket, don't' be surprised if you recognize the officer whose citing you. I guess APD has lost 3 -- count them THREE -- officers to the Bluffton force. Guess the lure of the nice weather and lack of big-city crime (plus a cruiser they can take home at night) is too much to turn down. Plus, the Bluffton PD recognizes Akron's academy as top-notch so these guys who fly south don't have to undergo much training when they get there. Ya know, there's something wrong with using our tax dollars to train someone who takes those skills to work somewhere else.

I got a nice email today from a lady named Betsy who says I remind her of a young Virgil Dominic. Wow. Of all the comparisons I've heard, that's certainly a new one. Not sure they get much better than that, but I can only hope to have a career as strong and as long as VD.

I was chatting in court with Phil Trexler (ABJ) last week, and we got on the subject of David Giffels. I really miss DG's column in the paper. I would have liked to have read his spin and insight on the Davis case as I'm sure he would have been drawn to it as he was in 2000 with the Andrews case in Ravenna. Anyway, Giffels remains on his one-year sabbatical to write a book about his home renovation and how his family has changed through the process. Phil told me that he's had a chance to get an early glimpse of DG's latest project and says it's fantastic. Phil says that David has really pushed his writing to take it "up a notch." Knowing David as one of the most down-to-earth, real-world guys on the planet, I'm sure it'll be solid. The book is due out in 2008 and I understand there was actually a bidding war from publishers. I just know that if David wrote it, it'll be worth every penny.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I live on a cross-street in the Falls and we have the same problem with loud car stereos. Loud mufflers (motorcycles in particular) are more of a problem, though. My conversations INSIDE my house are often drowned out by a loud motorcycle.

Anonymous said...

Tell the mayor of Bluffton, South Carolina that if they want “our” men so much they can have Bobbie Cutts, at a reduced price.

Seriously though, my husband and I were out of town for a couple of days, when people found where we were from, they all said - that's were that policeman murdered his pregnant girlfriend. Nice to be known.

By the way, I just found your site, now it is a must read.