Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Behind Closed Doors

All of the TV newsrooms are struggling to deliver the level of new information in the Jessie Marie Davis case today that we had over the last nine days. After an exhausting and emotional 72 hour rush, investigators and prosecutors are now talking behind closed doors about how to proceed. If the case goes to a grand jury this week, next Monday's pre-trial will be a moot point. Still, the media continues to pursue those who know Bobby Cutts and Myisha Farrell and those who loved Jessie Davis. You'll find a lot of other 'sidebar' stories out there right now (what should happen to Blake, similar crimes, etc...) as a way to fill the void in the news cycle.

Unfortunately, there's still no funeral details to pass along. One of our reporters spoke with leaders at the House of the Lord today. They said that there won't be anything scheduled until the Medical Examiner is finished with tests on the body and that will still take some time. In the meantime, Jesse's family is left in limbo.

I've gotten tips from several sources of other 'persons of interest' in the case, but none that are solid enough to report yet. The Sheriff's Office tip-line is still active so investigators are still examining all leads in the case.

Ed Esposito of WAKR will be a panelist on Nancy Grace tonight. Ed will do great. He's one of the most solid reporters in town and knows this case quite well. I fear the questions of speculation that might fly from Nancy considering the lack of major developments today, but Ed will certainly hold his own.

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